Offset Printing

Printing Blankets, Compressible

I.T.G.-Proprint Blue
A blanket for sheet-fed applications on slow sheet-fed machines.
I.T.G.-Proprint can be used for printing on all types of materials such as coated
and uncoated paper, cardboard and metal.
Technical information

I.T.G.-Blue Diamond
A blanket for high quality sheet-fed applications on high speed sheet-fed machines.
I.T.G.-Blue Diamond is characterized by a new compressible layer which combines
a long life with top print quality, high resistance to smashes, excellent paper release.
Technical Information

I.T.G.-Proprint UV Red
A blanket for all UV applications. Attuned to UV inks and washing solutions.
I.T.G.-Proprint UV Red has an EPDM cover plate, providing the highest possible chemical
resistance and thus durability.
Technical Information

I.T.G.-Maxima Progress
A blanket for modern sheet-fed presses. The advances made with the latest generation of closed cell “microsphere” compressible layer further enhances the runnability and durability of the blanket, with excellent smash and edge marking resistance.
Technical Information